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The only gardeners I use are from GardenersBow and I have done for some time now. Reliable, affordable and professional.

  • Tim Makin

This gardening team is fabulous. They do our lawn mowing, hedge trimming, weed whacking and any other gardening services that we may need. I would recommend them to anyone in need of lawn care.

  • Wendy G.

The landscaping service I get from GardenersBow is very efficient and they do a wonderful job. Couldn't be happier!

  • Penny Nichols

I am always thoroughly impressed with the quality of work done by the gardeners at Bow Gardeners. It doesn't matter what I ask them to do, they always do an utterly brilliant job.

  • S. King

I called Gardening Company Bow recently for some help with my garden design. I am not creative, and just thought it could use a bit of work. They were very helpful, asked me a lot of good questions, and really listened to what I needed. They weren't too hard on my wallet either, very low-cost. I highly recommend them to anyone!

  • Henry E.

Garden Care Service Bow did me right. I needed a full range of gardening services for my property, which had become overgrown and neglected. They did the hedge trimming, lawn mowing and even garden waste removal with no complaints. It was a big job, a heavy job. Satisfied and yes, I will use again and recommend.

  • Lynne Acheson

GardenersBow knows how to treat a customer right when it comes to general garden maintenance. Will call them again!

  • D. Taylor

Landscape Gardeners Bow have been doing stellar work for me for several weeks. I hired them for garden maintenance work on my property and they have done everything I required and more. When I have needed a team to come, they have been there and got every gardening task done. They are keeping my property at its best and I want to thank them for the hard work they do.

  • Jay Hunter

Having experienced gardeners taking care of my planting has really changed my garden! Since I've been hiring Bow Lawn Care Services Bow I've been enjoying their amazing services and I've had more free time - all whilst still enjoying the best in gardening help. I couldn't be happier with this friendly and professional team and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone! Everything from their dedication to their low prices makes them just a great option for anyone who wants a nicer garden.

  • Janine

I have been using the services of GardenersBow for quite some time now and so far I've not been disappointed even once. They have the best prices among all gardening companies and the work is always satisfactory. There are no hidden or extra charges; the price is always fixed before the work. The work is always done on time as per schedule. A week ago I used their service for lawn mowing and as always they did an excellent job. I will definitely recommend them for any type of garden chore.

  • Leslie N.

Can't fault the lawn care that Landscape Gardeners Bow carries out for both my mother and me. Always provide us with the result we're looking for and never miss a week that they're booked in. They also offer very competitive prices for the area and special rates as we use the service on an ongoing basis. A very flexible company that accommodate all of their customers' needs.

  • Steve Biggins

You won't find better and cheaper gardening services than those of GardenersBow. I absolutely adore this company and really don't have a bad word to say against them. Thanks so much!!!

  • Roger Metal

I had grown sick of mowing my lawn. I hated that I would have to go out each week and make sure it was trim. Despite this, I didn't want it to become overgrown. The obvious solution was to hire someone to do it for me and that was Gardening Services Bow. I now have these expert gardeners take care of my lawn each week, doing the job quickly and well.

  • Richard S.

The thought of hiring a professional gardening company was a little frightening at first, up until I discovered GardenersBow. They seemed so confident and really seemed to know what they were doing and they seemed reliable too. I trusted them from the very first minute that I spoke with them and so I decided to hire them. I am so glad I did because they have made my life so much easier. I really struggled with weed control before but this is no longer a problem thanks to this amazing team!

  • Scott Sanders

I'm so glad that I found Bow Lawn Care Services Bow when I did, otherwise I don't know what I would have done. My garden was in an awful state so I gave them a call and luckily their team of gardeners came to the rescue. Their hard work definitely paid off and they had my garden looking fabulous in super quick time. A great company and a really skilled bunch of gardeners!

  • Lucas Huhn

I am annoyed that I hadn't found out about Gardening Company Bow sooner. I've been wasting my time by tackling my own hedge trimming and getting subpar results. I didn't know that I could have been hiring them to do the work for me so that I would get the best hedges and not need to use up all my free time. The gardening team was very impressive and so I will be hiring them until further notice to handle my hedges.

  • Jack Perrin

I love hosting parties in our garden but it also means that I need to get the garden maintained on a regular basis. Gardening Services Bow has been involved in the landscaping and other gardening activities in our backyard for nearly two years now. I am usually a critic by nature but I must admit that I can hardly find any fault in the service provided by this company. The gardeners work exceptionally hard to ensure that they meet all the requirements you set. Thank you for caring for my garden, your team of gardeners is definitely the best around here.

  • Ron D.

When I moved into my new house, thankfully there was a garden, but not much going on there in terms of style. I had a blank canvas which I could turn into something special. I had some ideas that I really needed to implement if I was going to turn my dream of acquiring a beautiful garden space into reality. So I gave GardenersBow a call. After a few discussions, their team of landscapers were ready, and did a brilliant job transforming my garden into a space I can now call my own. Amazing work!

  • Antonio

I usually have my patio cleaned by a local company but they had gone bust when I needed the job done. I decided to go with Gardening Company Bow for my garden maintenance because their quote was less than 50% cheaper than the one of previous firm! I couldn't believe how great the patio clearance job was done either. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their excellent patio clearance services to anyone.

  • Cameron

Reliable gardening solutions from Gardening Services Bow are the answer to all garden design concerns. The ease with which my gardening needs were attended to has made me a client for life. I look forward to a long and continued association with them and have been recommending them to my friends as well.

  • Cora Greg

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