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Beautiful Gardens to Suit Everyone

A garden is a lovely place to chill out at the end of a day or when you have free time. They are also great for families with children and pets to enjoy playing outside when the sun shines. Gardens also come in all shapes and sizes, from huge pieces of open space to a balcony with a minimum of area. For some people, they may have a huge area that is hard to keep under control, yet for others, the area may just be too small. Though gardens come in all sizes, we give you some ideas to create one to suit you and your life. Here we look at various types of gardens that can be created to suit your lifestyle.

Garden sizes
Yes, you can make a garden out of any area, from a small balcony or courtyard filling it with potted plants on window sills and hanging baskets to a large plot that can be as easy or hard to maintain as you prefer. Whatever size you have, you can turn it into a pretty colourful spot with flowers and plants, or even have a selection of herbs and vegetables on the go for that little bit of home-grown produce that most of us love. Gardens don’t have to be huge; there are so many great space saving ideas out there if yours isn’t as big as you would like.

The career minded
With limited time, working people may find it easier to have a space that is easy to maintain. Today, there are many easy ways of reducing the work in a garden. A lawn is a good solution to cover up any size of area and needs minimum of care. Weekly lawn mowing during the summer and occasional treatments to feed and control weeds will keep a perfect green grass with the minimum of work. There are specially designed fabrics available that can be placed under decorative stones, paving and decking areas that will prevent the light getting to the soil and stop weeds growing. Some people complete pave the entire area and place this fabric underneath and that simply gives them a much easier way of life. In a garden, one of the biggest tasks is weeding and these methods will help with weed control and allow you to have a garden that always looks neat and tidy. So, you don’t have to spend hours weeding. Simply place decorative planters, garden furniture and water features to add that little bit of decoration to your outdoor space.

The keen gardener
There are of course the gardeners who love spending time outside and creating stunning areas full of colour and splendour. From colourful gardens packed with trees, shrubs, flowers and plants to those who tend to vegetable plots, for some people it is a real interest and enjoyable pastime. Gardening is a great hobby and also an active one suitable for any age. So, if you can get involved in enjoying spending time grass cutting, planting and trimming and hedging etc., you will become more active and get a little fitter. Digging and weeding are hard work and great forms of exercise. If you find yourself becoming interested, buy books or lend them from the library, or go online and study gardening and the options that are open to you. Whether it is growing flowers for a beautiful display or vegetables for food on the table, it is a rewarding interest.

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